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What Are BIAB Nails

BIAB nails – the strengthening nail treatment that stays chip-free for weeks. Created by The Gel Bottle and standing for Builder In A Bottle, BIAB nails are becoming increasingly popular because unlike traditional nail treatments, they’re nail-strengthening and hard-wearing.

What Are BIAB Nails

But what are BIAB nails? According to Sadie Jordan, “It’s a gel nail enhancement designed to add strength and structure to your natural nails and to help them to grow out without breaking as easily”. 

It works differently from the traditional gel polish promoting the growth and strength of your natural nail.

It’s a soak-off gel that is much harder than regular gel polish which creates a strengthening barrier and is ideal for building strong overlays.

How Long Do BIAB Nails Last?

Now for the important question… how long do BIAB nails last? Nail experts recommend clients attend appointments every three to four weeks to maintain their BIAB nails, but properly prepared, it’s said that BIAB could last much longer. 

Saying that it’s advised to keep BIAB nails on for three to four weeks and then they can either be infilled or soaked off. Here at Flash, we suggest infills every three weeks.

How To Remove BIAB Nails

To preserve your natural nail health, we’d recommend professional removal. Here at Flash, we offer a BIAB removal service for only £19!

Does BIAB damage Nails?

Quite the opposite! BIAB actually helps to strengthen your natural nails and prevents any weakness usually caused by more traditional treatments. Thanks to its significant strength, it won’t chip or break and is too strong to bite through, keeping your natural nails protected underneath.

How Much Do BIAB Nails Cost?

Here at Flash Express Beauty Bar, we offer BIAB services starting from £32, with BIAB removal services starting from £15. You can see more about our nail treatments here.

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