Flash Express Beauty Bar


From Natural Nail Care to Advanced Nail Art - Love Your Nails

Express Gel Polish on Hands — £25 (£20)

Express Gel Polish on Toes — £27 (£21.6)

BIAB Strengthening Gel — £34 (£27.2)
(Our Most Popular Service)

BIAB Gel short tip Extensions — £40 (£32)

Apres Express Gel Extensions — £35 (£28)

Acrylic Natural Nail Overlay — £34 (£27.2)

Acrylic Extensions Plain — £38 (£30.4)

Acrylic Extensions French Ombre — £40 (£32)

All in Acrylic Design Set — £45 (£36)

BIAB Infill — £34 (£27.2)
(Add Rebalance – 2 weeks+ Growth £6)

Acrylic Infill — £34 (£27.2)
(Add Rebalance – 2 weeks+ Growth £6)

Pre-Service Removal — £10 (£8)
(Add this before your Nail Service)

Acrylic, BIAB or Apres Removal — £19 (£15.2)

Basic Nail Art — £8 (£6.4)

Advanced Nail Art — £16 (£12.8)

Nail Repairs — from £5

( ClubFlash Prices Shown In Brackets )

Lash BIAB Gel Nails

BIAB Gel Mani

BIAB is a strengthening gel allowing you to grow your natural nails without them breaking. Infills are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Acrylic Extensions

Our signature Flash brow gives our clients the most beautiful defined brows that last up to 6 weeks. Our beauty specialists create the perfect shape for you and use a custom shade of henna to fill any sparse areas, which creates a stunning Flash brow.

Flash Acrylic Nails
Flash Nail Art

Flash Nail Art

Advanced Nail Art

30 Minutes | £16

Basic Nail Art

15 Minutes | £8

Flash Nails Aftercare

Pre Treatment

Before our nail services please ensure your hands are sanitised and your nails have been brushed clean. If you need a removal or nail art including French tip, this must be added in advance to your appointment. Feel free to show us pictures of your preferred nail designs upon being seated.

Post Treatment

After any of our nail services please do not use your nails as tools, this can cause the gel polish to lift and chip. For maximum retention and results, we recommend using gloves whilst cleaning, gardening, painting etc. and using cuticle oil daily to ensure your nail bed and cuticles stay super healthy and hydrated.

For perfect, healthy nails we recommend your infills be carried out every 3-4 weeks. Advanced booking is preferred due to growing demand.