What Are BIAB Nails

Lash Biab Gel Nails

BIAB nails – the strengthening nail treatment that stays chip-free for weeks. Created by The Gel Bottle and standing for Builder In A Bottle, BIAB nails are becoming increasingly popular because unlike traditional nail treatments, they’re nail-strengthening and hard-wearing. What Are BIAB Nails But what are BIAB nails? According to Sadie Jordan, “It’s a gel […]

How To Remove Acrylic Nails

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What is the most important rule to follow before getting your nails done for the first time? Understanding the proper method for removing artificial nails. Understanding the proper method for removing artificial nails. Surprise, surprise: You shouldn’t remove your artificial nails at home. Going to a salon and visiting a skilled nail tech who can […]

Cuticle Care – 3 Tips For Healthy Hands

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We are all aware of how crucial it is to take good care of our face when it comes to skincare. As the focal point of our bodies, our faces are also, regrettably, among the first body parts to exhibit telltale signs of ageing. It explains why so many people start developing their skincare routine […]