Terms & Conditions

You do have the right to cancel your initial membership within a 7 day cooling off period. You will receive a full refund less the full value of any treatments taken within this time. If the value of your treatments taken is greater than the membership renewal fee, then this amount will need to be paid before we cancel. If funds cannot be collected for whatever reason, there will be a 50% charge made on your usual renewal fee until such time as you have updated your details. Flash membership gives you between 8 Flash treatments and unlimited treatments depending on your chosen version. You can terminate your membership at any time giving 90 days notice. You can do this either in person at our Bar or by telephone 01246 22 11 61. We will then terminate your membership 90 days after your next renewal date.
Discounts are only available whilst your membership is live.

The Flash Brand is a division of JNR Partners Ltd - Company Number 868733

Registered office - 17 Stephenson Place, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 1XL - 01246 22 11 61 - www.flash.bar